Your loft
at the heart of
Zurich’s trendiest

Situated right in the centre of District 4, this development
will be an ultra-modern residential building consisting of
12 unique designer flats. If you’re into a no-nonsense
urban lifestyle with high-quality, genuine materials,
Engelstrasse 62 will be your personal cloud nine.

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Zurich’s District 4 is as central as central can be. Over time, the area has undergone extremely positive changes, developing from a former workers’ and red-light district into a diverse residential zone offering a high quality of life. Aussersihl is a popular centre for a wide range of residents: from students to artists, academics to labourers, everyone fits in and feels right at home here. The multicultural centre of Zurich buzzes with trendy bars, cafés and restaurants in all sorts of styles and for all sorts of tastes. If you need a time out from the hustle and bustle, just take a couple of steps and you’re at the Bäckeranlage, a compact-yet-stunning piece of nature right next door.
Bäckeranlage: historical park
with old trees and
a community centre
Flower and vegetable market
at Helvetiaplatz:
Tuesday and Friday,
6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Zurich’s most popular flea market:
every Saturday, 7.20 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Engelstrasse is named after Zurich native Regula Engel (1761–1853), who immortalised her unbelievably adventurous life in one of the most exciting autobiographies of the 19th century. She married a Swiss officer in the French army and fought several battles in Europe and Egypt by his side. Called the “Little Swiss Lady” by Napoleon, this Amazon had 21 children and lived to the grand old age of 92.


There’s no doubt about the aesthetic principles which the architects of the renowned firm Frei Architekten embrace: good living space must be functional above all – no compromises. But the sheer presence of a living space, without any tacky design frills, must steer emotions and inspire its inhabitants anew every single day. Radicalism and beauty – can that work? It does at Engelstrasse 62. This residential complex offers radically functional spaces, and its loft-inspired layout provides exactly what any urban resident in the trendy District 4 is after: the greatest possible space for individualism and creative pursuits. Here, your beloved designer furniture, heirlooms, pictures and trinkets find a stylish stage for their biggest performance yet.

The new building blends into the existing district, reflecting the structure of the street along with existing elements from the area in a brand new interpretation. Towards the street, the façade consists of high-quality clinker bricks in pale grey. The rear façade, facing the courtyard, exudes confident simplicity with in-situ concrete.

and sturdy

The walls consist partially of exposed concrete, partially of coarse, painted bricks. Greenish-blue Bisazza glass mosaics adorn the walls of the wet rooms. All floors are made of smoothed concrete, polished in the kitchen area. The black synthetic-resin kitchen cabinet doors are handleless and support ultra-robust, white Dekton Zenith worktops. When it came to kitchen appliances, the exclusive studioLine series by Siemens came out on top: there’s a high-tech oven, an induction cooker, a spacious dishwasher and so on.

A cool detail: the concrete kitchen ceiling comes with recessed light fittings for LED bulbs.

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